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1test1™ is a test that diagnoses the loss of diversity your gut microbiome. It is based on the latest advances in genetic sequencing (metagenomics). Easy to use, simply ship in the pre-paid envelope a stool sample collected with our kit.
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Your gut microbiome is mostly made of bacteria. Thanks to technological advances, such as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), it is now possible to quickly characterize all of the bacteria that reside in the gut.

1test1TM uses a technology called shotgun metagenomics. 

Many intestinal bacteria are very beneficial to health through their numerous contributions. They participate in digestion, including the fermentation of substrates and non-digestible food residues. They are the best natural protection against pathogenic bacteria, ie external bacteria that can cause serious disorders. These bacteria also have an important role in the education of our immune system which is key to develop immune responses adapted to a given pathogen. The synthesis of certain vitamins, such as vitamin K and B12, is exclusively carried out by the gut's bacteria. More and more studies highlight the role of the gut microbiome in many pathologies.

Learn more about the microbiota
Your results will be available within approximately 3 weeks in your customer area. Your results are presented in the form of a pdf report of about ten pages. This report contains the following sections:
  • Introduction
  • The diversity of your microbiota
  • The phyla
  • Enterotypes
  • Our selection of two bacterial genera associated with "lean" profiles
  • Microbiota and sport
  • Short-chain fatty acids and our selection of 6 bacterial genera
  • Microbiota and allergies
  • Probiotics and our selection of three bacterial genera
  • Results summary 
The values ​​presented in this report correspond to a relative bacterial quantification, that is to say that the numbers correspond to percentages. Your values ​​are presented in relation to a group of individuals living in Europe and selected for you on the basis that they are in good health.

We sought to make the results visually pleasing and comprehensible to the greatest number. However, we encourage you to seek professional advice before any change in diet or lifestyle. You can find the list of health professionals who have used our test here.

"A well explained and easy to use kit, with a nice design. The analyses were performed in a very reasonable timeframe. The results are complete. Thank you" - Nicolas G. (Paris)

"An easy way to discover your microbiome and its health impact" - Muriel N. (Paris)

"Very easy, very quick and with interesting and understandable results"-